For Anyone Who Loves Sea Food and Fishing...

For Anyone Who Loves Sea Food and Fishing...

Do you remember that older movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves called The Lake House from a number of years ago? Well, that is what this Tiny Cabin on a Fishing Pier/Dock looks like. They couldve practically filmed the movie on this dock. This is a tiny house, yes, but one that is full of charm and all the wonder of living right on the water. You can even hear the water when you sleep at night outside the house and under it! What a wonderful place to have. If you have water property, you could design and build something like this, or may be you could convince the current owner of this property to sell it to you (not very likely). In the meantime, though, you can rent it through airb&b. If you are not familiar with this service, it is an alternative to renting more traditional accommodations, such as a hotel room. It is where ordinary people rent out their homes, or rooms in their homes. And that is what this sweet, tiny cabin is offering.

This is a complete home with a full bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining and living area. There is a fabulous outside porch where you can sit and admire the water and watch the sun rise and set, the birds go by, or toss in a lazy fishing line. This is a wonderful piece of property, especially so, since it sits right on the water. If you are looking for a place to relax and spend time unwinding, not much could be better than this place. This pretty place is located in Tampa, Florida, so you can pretty much count on great weather year round. And the rental price of $125 per night is really reasonable. Plan a weekend or even an entire week and really rejuvenate your senses.

The history of this tiny house is that it was likely a boat shed. Over the years, most of the boat sheds on the lake disappeared, and then they were banned by legislation. This one, probably since it was still standing and in good repair, was grandfathered in, and is the only one any where near this area. So you will have a privileged position to stay in, if you decide to visit this region. The views are breathtaking both in the morning, during the day, and at night. A city near by allows fabulous night sky lighting and you will have a prime seat out on your dock.

Rent this pretty place when you plan a vacation. It is small, and probably just big enough for you and your mate, but go ahead. Take some time, and get away from the job, and the kids. After all, the rest of the time we have them wish us, right? Once in a while, you deserve some rest and relaxation without being bugged by little ones demanding your attention. And this airb&b looks like a fabulous place to take some time out. Check out the photos, and then book your self in. Why not? Find out more about these homes and many others just like it at the website, Tiny House Talk.

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