For 25 Years He Carved Caves For $12 Per Hour. This Artistic Master Is Now Discovered

For 25 Years He Carved Caves For $12 Per Hour. This Artistic Master Is Now Discovered

For 25 years he carved caves for $12 per hour. This artistic master is now discovered. For anyone who has ever visited or seen pictures of Ra Paulettes hand-carved sandstone cave masterpieces, they will be forever changed. This off grid artist has been carving caves for a quarter of a century, and the body of work he has created it nothing short of miraculous. Miraculous because he is a one-man team that is, he does everything himself, using only hand-held tools and a wheel barrel. Some of these caves require tons of sand to be removed to create space inside, and Ra, who is now in his late sixties, does it all by himself.

Although he used to do commissions for a living, and carved many glorious caves during that time, Ra Paulette often found it difficult to compromise his artistic vision in order to keep his clients happy. Every cave he has carved is a work of art that requires a strict focus on his original ideas. Every cave he has carved has been a total labour of love. If he was in it for the money, he would not only be a millionaire by now, but perhaps his caves would not be as nearly as beautiful. He has put thousands of hours into his caves, and when it comes to the commissions hes done, once he was paid it worked out to about $12 an hour, if not less. Ra has since renounced carving caves for money and is doing it all on his own. For a while, he was accepting donations, but he doesnt even seem to be doing that anymore. A few years ago, he embarked on his magnum opus, a cave project out in the New Mexico desert that would far outdo anything he had ever done before. This cave was to be completely off grid and secret until he had completed it. He projected it would take ten years to finish. Those ten years are nearly up now, and Ras supporters are getting excited about what this new cave, or wilderness shrine as he calls them, will reveal. He intends for this new sandstone cathedral to be a community gathering place, an off grid retreat where people can nourish themselves with silence, beauty, and nature.

One of the most spectacular qualities of Ra Paulettes cave artistry is his mastery of light. He carves skylights into the cave ceilings and uses water and mirrors to reflect that light throughout the interior. The end result is that it seems like the light is coming from below rather than above. Most would assume a cave would be a dark dreary space, but not Ra Paulettes off grid caves they shine with a light that is all their own. The new cave that he is working on is supposed to be a masterpiece of cave light, and he plans to include a waterfall and a pool in it as well.

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