Find Out Where This Stunning House Is Built! It's Incredulous!

Find Out Where This Stunning House Is Built! It's Incredulous!

Have you ever dreamed of living in a log home in nature? Wouldn't you just love to live in a peaceful and perfect home like this log home? This log home is not only beautiful itself, it is in such an amazing setting too. Log homes have been made since even before the Europeans started to settle the in North America. It was the Swedish people that brought the log home building concept to the settlers in North America and the people back then made use of the materials they could find in their immediate environment and usually practiced a conscious and mindful approach to all the things they did. But, even before they came to North America, different Native tribes all across the nation were also using logs as a material to build their homes, community buildings and even for making totem poles, tipis, and canoes.

This log home is absolutely beautiful, and looks as though it would have a lot of space to spread out in. It would make a great home for a family, or even a recreation property to enjoy as a cabin in the summer time. There is a great patio on the home, that is raised up off of the ground, perfect for BBQs and enjoying some time outside in the nicer weather. There are even some steps leading down into the river that the property is right beside, as well as a great camp fire pit, with a bunch of adirondack chairs pulled in around it. This would be the perfect place for night time fires under the star light.

There is also a little shed in the distance that might be a great place to store things, like vehicles and tools. The area its in is absolutely gorgeous, all of the amazing trees and the flowing river that goes right through the property, it would be an amazing place to take a swim in the afternoon or to dip your feet in. Even to wash up in!

Log homes are known for their cozy and familiar feeling, something that just makes people feel right at home. It might be connected to some nostalgia or memories, or it might just be because the materials come from the earth itself, and that the trees are living beings themselves, that makes us feel so comforted in a log home. Log homes have also been built for centuries, and are a big part of our history as human beings. They are a part of our housing history and so, that makes them a part of how we have evolved as humans too.

Living in a log home gives you the true sense that you are connected to nature. A lot more so than you would living in the city surrounded by honking horns and sirens. In a house make up of man made materials, usually treated with chemicals. Wood is ultimately a better building material for the homes we live in and it carries so many benefits with it. If you are thinking to build a home with logs, many people would be able to tell you what a joy it is to live in one!

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