Federal Housetruck

Federal Housetruck

There are so many tiny houses popping up everywhere these days! This is a very interesting an unique Federal Housetruck that is up for sale on Tiny House Listings website. The house truck as it is called, is exactly what the name implies, it's a house on a truck! The house was built on the Federal five ton truck that was from 1951. The house was constructed and the truck was restored as a project between 2003 and 2008, and it weighs 24,000 pounds. The house truck looks like a total gypsy caravan that would be awesome for travelling the country side with.

The house is not too small, once you see the photos on the website, you will see that it has plenty of room for everything you need. All fitting into a 280 square foot space! That is actually pretty big for a house that is sitting on a truck! It has one bedroom and one bathroom, the bedroom is basically just a sleeping loft above the driver's seat, but it works, and it's the type of sleeping loft you would see in most campers anyway. The bathroom is a good size and has a full sink and toilet in it. The kitchen is large for a mobile home, and has a smaller apartment sized gas oven in it, which is awesome.

The house seems to run on battery and propane tanks that are stored in the outside of the house for easy access to fill up. There is even a little television in the house truck so you can watch movies on a rainy day. There is a little wood burning stove in the house truck which would keep it nice and toasty if it was a little cooler outside. There is also so much storage throughout the house truck with lots of wooden cabinets and drawers built into the walls.

This would be a great piece of history to buy, the truck cab still has it's original charm, all of the gauges on the dash are still in shape, and overall it looks really nice! It would be a fun mobile home to travel around in, you would definitely have a lot of attention driving this thing around, and people would definitely want to inquire about it and be curious about the old truck and the house and want to know some history about it. It would be a fun vehicle to own, that's for sure! Head on over to 'Tiny House Listings' and see more photos and read some more about this awesome Federal House Truck!

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