Fantastic Tiny Mansion! Must See!

Fantastic Tiny Mansion! Must See!

Check out this article titled “Fantastic Tiny Mansion! Must See!” from Tiny House Talk. If you are curious about the tiny house movement and think you might like to try living in a tiny house, then this is a great opportunity for you to try before you buy. Tiny house living is a unique lifestyle that may not be suited to everyone. This tiny little mansion on wheels in Seattle is available for guest rental. This gives you a chance to see how you feel living in a tiny space. It's a valuable experience to be able to try out tiny living before you get in too deep and buy a tiny house yourself.

This adorable little guest house, the Maiden Mansion, was loving designed and built by owner and tiny house enthusiast, Hannah. Hannah rents out her tiny mansion via Airbnb, a global online community marketplace for unique accommodations. The Maiden Mansion can hold up to four people and is fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, sky lit loft bedroom, fireplace and mini-library of books at your disposal. Read the full article at Tiny House Talk to find out more about what this tiny home and it's surrounding neighborhood have to offer to visiting guests.

Tiny House Talk started up in 2009 when webmaster Alex decided to leave his large home and his government job in favor of a simpler lifestyle. He emphasizes the freedom of tiny simple living. Tiny House Talk is packed full of useful information and inspiration for anyone interested in the tiny house movement. You will find loads of pictures, articles and videos about any kind of tiny home you could imagine, from a bike mounted gypsy trailer or a tiny log cabin to a lakeside cottage or an earthenware cob house.

To learn more about the Maiden Mansion and the tiny house movement, visit the website link below to the Tiny House Talk website.

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