Fairytale Or Reality? These Adorable Tiny Homes Are Fit For A Hobbit...Or Someone With A Strong Sense Of Adventure!

Fairytale Or Reality? These Adorable Tiny Homes Are Fit For A Hobbit...Or Someone With A Strong Sense Of Adventure!

Interested in the more fairy tale like looking homes and structures? Check out An Interview with The Wooden Wonders Crew (Homemade Tiny Hobbit Houses) done by Deek over at his Tiny House centered website, 'Relax Shacks'. Deek sat down with Melissa Pillsbury of The Wooden Wonders Crew, to find out more about the process and stories behind how these hobbit hole houses came to be! They are seriously super cute and can be very functional, which sometimes isn't seen a lot together. Sometimes a home can look really nice, but it isn't meant to be lived in, just used as a shed or a play house. These hobbit hole homes are a great mix of both and the team is always adamant about maintaining the best and highest quality.

Melissa and her husband Rocy, began building these homes in 2009, and haven't looked back since. Both of them were in the construction business, and were tired of working on conventional, straight laced building, and wanted to build a business of their own that they could work at from home so they could be with their kids more. They loved the idea of building the magical homes you see on the website, and making them more available to people who wanted to have one of their own, even if it was just for a shed or a playroom. But now they have gotten into building homes, studios and even saunas in this hobbit style for people.

The first place they displayed a Hobbit home was at the Common Grounds, which is a country fair in their town of Unity in Maine. Both the adults and children loved the hobbit hole home and were all asking questions and most likely asking where they could get one of their own! Now the couple offers them for all of the types of uses, including chicken coops. That would be such a cute building for a chicken coop wouldn't it? The couple obviously loves what they do and they are always open to meet up with people at the various hobbit homes they have placed around their area, to answer questions and chat about tiny homes.

Their hobbit hole homes can actually be ordered online from Etsy. They offer a discount through this interview to, so if you are excited to get your hands on one, head over there now and check out the interview! Go to 'Relax Shacks' by following the link in the description below for more!

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