Experience Great Comfort with this Modern Rustic bed

Experience Great Comfort with this Modern Rustic bed

Bedtime has to be my favorite time of the day. I love sliding into the comfort of my smooth, clean sheets and soft yet firm mattress. When you consider how many hours of our lives are spent in bed, it is worthwhile investing in quality bedding, frame, and mattress. Ideally you want a bed that is both comfortable and attractive. A natural wood frame provides both the aesthetic value and sturdiness you want in a bed frame. Solid wood holds up well under the weight of our sleeping bodies night after night, keeping us safe and comfortable.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a new bed is how it might impact your health. Most mattresses are treated with flame retardant chemicals, some of which are considered potentially carcinogenic substances. Do you really want to be spending eight hours every night lying in a bed that might be increasing your risk of one-day developing cancer? New natural fiber mattresses are now available using products like organic cotton, natural rubber and wool. Because wool is naturally flame retardant the usual chemical cocktail does not need to be applied to these natural organic mattresses. Bed frames, pillows and duvets can also be treated with chemicals that might be harmful to your health. Take a little time to do your homework before you invest in a new bed.

A natural fiber mattress combined with a beautiful wooden frame will make the perfect oasis for your slumber. To make your nights even more heavenly, you can top this combination with some luxurious organic cotton or silk sheets. Choose muted earth tones created using natural plant dyes for the optimal in relaxing, healthy and comfortable bedding. You may never want to leave your bed!

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