Excellent Interior Log Cabin Home Kitchen Idea

Excellent Interior Log Cabin Home Kitchen Idea

If you have thought that building, buying or having a log home means something where the wind blows through the cracks in the walls, and the spiders come through every nook and cranny, then you need to go and check out this Excellent Interior Log Cabin Home Kitchen Idea. It is so perfect and beautiful that it is finer than most of our regular homes! Yet, this log cabin home kitchen idea is in a log home. It is quite spectacular. The echo of log homes is visible in many of the upscale details. Lets begin with the floor.

The floor is a knotted white pine, which is a very light, wonderful hard wood. It is warm and appealing. The cabinets are also custom design and build. The trim details are truly exquisite, while the inlay wood work design is spectacular. The details both work with and complement the knots in the pine flooring, a great pairing in design. The cabinets are made on legs, so they do not quite touch the floor. This is a clever design detail that makes the heavy construction of the cabinets appear much lighter. The counter tops are all marble, gleaming and perfect. Marble is also a great working counter, resilient and long wearing. Despite its cost, it is a wonderful choice against this wood home. The windows that look out over a scenic vista are huge, and are not adorned with any curtains or other fabric that might distract from their fabulous design. And here you do not need any thing to hide the windows from view. The windows work their way up to the ceiling. This is a kind of double design in the ceiling, with a kind of yin and yang complement of ceiling and wood work. A single light, large and impressive, lights the area.

A center island in the kitchen brings all the components together here in this special room. It is huge, and shaped rather like a kidney shape, softening all the lighting and wood work because of its soft corners. The marble counter top used on the center island repeats the pattern of the material used along the walls. Bump up chairs with black leather upholstery fit perfectly in to the island. This island does not have a sink, so this means tons of working space in this modern kitchen. Stainless steel appliances and inset wall mounted double ovens complete the picture.

There is plenty of more lighting, as well. Under all the upper cabinets and upper areas, inset lighting lights up the entire counter tops. Throughout the kitchen, in discrete pockets, other ceiling and wall lights are mounted to ensure a clear picture of everything in the kitchen. All together, the elements in this kitchen are truly spectacular, and well worth your time to go and look at. Even if you do not copy this kitchen in your own design, the ideas presented here can help you to create a singular look in your own home. Check this out soon!

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