Everyone's Favorite (the Mountain View) Log Home for $157,360

Everyone's Favorite (the Mountain View) Log Home for $157,360

At eLog Homes, they noticed more of a demand in people wanting simplicity in their life, in everything from work and family time to even buying or building their new home. eLog homes saw that Everyone's Favorite things: a Mountain View with a lakeside Log Home, at an affordable price, was do-able. For example, they were able to offer a Mountain View Log Home for $157,360! They are able to do this as they use a "pre-fab" method to build huge structures in a short amount of time, compared to the older methods where they shaped each log at the actual construction site - which is labor intensive and took many months to complete. The problem is when you expose the interior of your cabin to the elements, it can cause an environment for mildews and molds to prosper. eLog Homes also uses wood that is air-dried naturally and avoids using kiln dried wood. They claim that wood dried out in an artificial method (like kiln drying) can cause the logs to become brittle and then the wood is harder to work with and an inferior product.

The designs for the eLog Homes can be custom, and you can take this 3 bedroom and 2 bath room home and build it on a lot with lots of sunlight exposure with the right combination of materials like concrete, metals and stonework with the warmer more softer materials such as wood. You can get special custom elements from vaulted ceiling and stylized wood carvings on the support beams. Most people don't realize how quickly these homes can be assembled, and how they are less expensive in both labor and materials! If you look at the blueprints for this Mountain view log home, architecturally this 2 bedroom (and 2 bath) home is a simple design, that can be customized with accents such as a cedar roof, copper or metal finishes and stone siding or stonework. The best part about eLog Homes and their log home building technology, is that these homes care pre-fabricated, then assembled at the site in weeks compared to the older ways of time extensive labor and construction throughout all the seasons. You don't want to get the wood too wet when you are building with it, as it can twist, warp and gape.

If you want to get-a-way from it all and have your own retreat, the amazing part of eLog Homes, is they are able to build your dream home for a fraction of the price and time and materials then other construction methods! Visit the link below to see more blueprint options! can build you your dream home for less than it costs to buy one!

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