Everyone Loves to Spend Christmas on This $27,0000 Lovely Log House

Everyone Loves to Spend Christmas on This $27,0000 Lovely Log House

What a great low cost prefabricated wood cabin, made in China for only $140 to $350 USD per square meter. The design of this log home model is quite impressive, featuring a wall with floor to ceiling windows. Windows in a large living room just open up the space even more by exposing it to the outdoors. The light and views that are allowed in create a feeling of expansiveness that can make any home feel like a luxury chalet. In the photos of it, you see a larger sized log home set in a beautiful, natural setting, with it's amazing patio and the peaked roof that would allow for cathedral ceilings within the home. With plenty of space for a family, this gorgeous log home kit would be perfect to build a dream home from. The high cathedral ceilings may even have timber exposed beams throughout, show the stunning quality of logs. The best part about it, is that when you order from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company, all of the building materials are included in the log home building kit. This prefab kit from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company, includes the windows, doors, roof system; including the shingles, floor system; including the hardwood floors, and all of the lumber to create the walls.

Then all you need to add on are the finishing touches like the decorating and appliances. Choosing cabinetry for a log house can be exciting, and there are so many different design ideas. Mostly you see real all wood cabinets in log home kitchens, which creates a seamless natural and timeless look and not to mention solid and durable cabinets that will last a lifetime of wear and tear. Then, granite is usually a popular option for the countertops since it has that very natural, yet elegant look. You wouldn't want to finish off your log house kitchen with some laminate countertops and some cheap particle board cabinetry. You can however, find affordable and stylish cabinets for affordable prices at places like IKEA or other wholesale cabinet stores, rather than getting them done by a professional cabinet maker. If you like a more modern interior decorating style, you can choose sleek, painted cabinets. The farmhouse style is very trendy right now, and would look really great in a log house. The butcher block counter tops and a porcelain farm house style sink would do wonders for a kitchen.

Log home kits make constructing a log house so simple. You don't have to worry about having to track down the specific materials, and then also have to cut them to the right sizes. All of the logs in a log home building kit are all prefabricated in the company's factory before getting pre-assembled, labeled and then packaged up to be shipped to the customer's building site. Many people are able to build their log cabin kits on their own with some help from a friend, which makes the whole process so fun and rewarding. It is a lot of work, but in the end, you will be so proud of your beautiful log house that you built all yourself. Of course, contractors can also be hired out to help in the building process, but if you want to save some money, building it yourself is the best bet. The log home building kits take a lot less time to build since they have already been preassembled in the company factory, so all of the pieces should fit together really easily. Have a look through all of the beautiful log home kit models and see which ones catch your eye the most.***

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