Everyone is THRILLED About the Interior of This 648 SqFt Tiny House!

Everyone is THRILLED About the Interior of This 648 SqFt Tiny House!

You will want to read the story on how one New Orleans couple built their 648 square foot tall tiny house. The tiny house design is 18 feet by 18 feet for a total of 648 square feet with two decks and one screened in porch. The three outside spaces give the couple plenty of room to hang outdoors. Two of the decks face south, while the screened in porch faces north. The three-season screened in porch is a nice spot for morning coffee, afternoon reading, and evening dinners. The upper deck is perfect for a solar oven. The tiny house interior design has lots of character. Downstairs in the tiny home design is an open living and kitchen space. The kitchen has a small electric stove, with a small energy-efficient refrigerator and soapstone counters. The lower counter cabinets are made from reclaimed wood which adds character to the tiny house space. Hot water comes from a solar panel that is located on the roof, with an electric Seisco instantaneous water heater for backup if needed. Upstairs in the tiny house design is a small bathroom with a walk-in shower, toilet, sink, and washer), along with a bedroom. The upstairs bedroom opens up into the cupola which allows for natural light to flow in. The flooring in the upstairs bedroom is reclaimed wood. A library ladder gives access to the ceiling of the bathroom which allows one to sit and enjoy the view (and open and close the windows).

Like any home, when it comes to choosing a small house design you will find them available in a wide variety of building materials and designs. And if you can't find a tiny house design that you love, you can always design your own. When it comes to the best small home plans you start off with a dream, with that dream, you will want to begin your small house design research. Research things like the location, land, laws, building, municipal, electrical, water and more. Once you know the type of tiny house design you want and will work in the area that you are building, you can then go about purchasing or developing your custom small house design plans. Your tiny house design should fit your lifestyle and your research. The next step in your small house design dream is to verify the design with an engineer or an architect, electrician, builder and the municipality. Once all the tiny house design plans are in order, you can start to look into things like getting building materials, labor quotes and decide whether you will build your tiny house on your own, or have someone build it for you. You will then be able to start your tiny house build with a tiny house design plan that fits your lifestyle, budget, and dreams. By properly planning for your small house design, you will avoid any unexpected circumstances that can affect your tiny home build. When you research everything from tiny house foundations, to whether or not a mobile or a stationary structure is the best tiny house design for your area and your needs, you will end up with a tiny house design that suits your lifestyle and needs.

This site is a great place to find lots of tiny house designs. On the "Tiny House Talk," you will find everything from van dwellings to gypsy vardo caravans, teardrop campers to tree houses, backyard offices to house boats and so much more. You will also find some of the best tiny house designs from dome homes, yurts, house boats, travel trailers, and plenty more. **

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