Ever Wondered Why Larger Park Models Are Often Less Expensive than Tiny Houses?

Ever Wondered Why Larger Park Models Are Often Less Expensive than Tiny Houses?

Wow! You will want to take a look at this "Big Tiny Home On Wheels" it really is a beautiful tiny home. This tiny home is a park model home, which apparently if you are going to tow them you need a special permit as they are wider than the allowed 8 foot 6 inches, but that's what is so appealing about this tiny house is the fact that it is a bit larger than the typical tiny home.

Before you consider a park model home as your tiny home choice of living, you will first want to do your research and find out all the details, and also look into other tiny house options and compare, you want to make sure the tiny home you are purchasing is good quality and made by a reputable builder. Look at testimonials and talk to other people if you can.

On this site you will find all sorts of original and interesting small homes and tiny homes that people live in and use from all across the world. Take a look, and you will probably be amazed by what you see. Some examples of what you might see include the charming little blue cottage, condo space, eight benefits you can make happen by living simply, crazy tiny cube house in Holland, 4 small A frame houses being built, Jess and Dan's tiny home on wheels a couple living tiny and mortgage free, Ethans tiny house on wheels, L'il Van Go turning a van into a mobile art studio, 400 square foot tiny cabin called the Totems, wooden yurts octagon cabin with big windows and mountain views, two tiny houses on the road, modern and red small house, wearable shelter if you're thinking about backpacking, Arkiboat modern tiny houseboat on pontoons, VW vans converted into original teardrop like micro campers, 1965 Serro Scotty Sprotsman travel trailer renovation, 667 square foot modern small house for family in Sweden, teardrop trailer tiny home, 1929 antique tiny house on wheels built on a model T Ford, Malissa Tack's tiny house big lot design in 3D, Russian barn style small log cabin cottage and so much more.

All over the internet and television you will can see tiny houses becoming more popular. It seems more and more people are thinking about tiny homes, and because of that you are seeing a variety of designs, styles and plans available to choose from. In this modern world many of us have become accustomed to living in larger sized homes, when it fact we really don't need as much space as we all think. Tiny house living is a lesson in simplicity and a break away from needing so much, in this consumer driven world we live in. We could all use a bit less stuff, and with that we could save some money and possibly afford to do more of the things we love.

Tiny house living is more popular than ever before with a wide variety of tiny house designs, styles and plans that are out there. With names like teardrop campers, tiny house sheds, tree houses, car campers, van dwellings, gypsy vardo caravans, backyard offices, small houses, tiny apartments, cottages, park models, house boats, yurts, house boats, cob cottages, dome homes, tiny living, tiny houses, tiny cabins, tiny house interiors, house trucks, buses, RVs, travel trailers, cargo trailers, no loft tiny houses, tiny house vacations, gingerbread cottages, houseboats, pod homes, beach shacks, prefabricated tiny homes, log cabins and more, you've probably even stayed in a tiny house at some point in your


So why are larger park model homes often less expensive then other tiny homes? It's pretty simple actually, manufacturing. When a factory can put different assembly techniques into producing the same product (same style product, same plans) then it becomes possible to automate and replicate a lot of the process that would otherwise take time, and ingenuity to build custom from scratch each time. Are manufactured homes lower quality automatically? No, not necessarily, it really depends on the process that each individual company uses.

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