Even Though It Looks Simple, This House Is Part of a Daring Experiment

Even Though It Looks Simple, This House Is Part of a Daring Experiment

This tiny cabin has clean lines and amazing landscaping that makes it stand out from the rest. It may look simple, but it's that simple design that gives it a modern look. This tiny house is part of a daring project and experiment. The tiny house is located just east of Nevada City in California, and the tiny cabin is used as a vacation retreat and weekend tiny house for a couple to spend time with their two young sons.

The experiment in building this tiny cabin was to build a tiny house that produced all of the energy it needs and uses. Architect David Arkin developed the exciting project, along with his team from Arkin Tilt Architects. The amazing design has an essential core building that uses mounted solar panels, concrete flooring, a solar heating system and straw bale walls in its design. This allows the tiny house to produce and maintain all the energy that it needs to live in all year long. The tiny house is 872 square feet; it may be tiny but it has a loft for sleeping and a bathroom to use in this inspiring project.

Seeing as how the tiny cabin was designed to be used only as a part time place to stay during holidays and vacations, the architects wanted to keep the building material costs they used down to a minimum. So they selected durable building materials and simple materials that included concrete floors, metal for the roof, and reclaimed, salvaged wood for the panels that was built between the windows. The goal of the project was to create a tiny house design that was both environmentally friendly and sustainable. This tiny house was also going to be part of a complex study, so they wanted to cover all the right bases. The tiny house uses heating panels, solar water collectors, a photovoltaic panel system mounted on the roof, along with other similar features. You will want to take a look at the great photo gallery of this modern, sustainable tiny cabin, its a great design.

Inside there is lots of wood used, which looks nice with the concrete floor. The ceiling has knotty pine, and there are lots of windows to let in loads of natural light which only adds to the appeal of this simple tiny house design. There is also a nice alcove for sitting surrounded by windows that offer a nice view of the surrounding property.

This tiny cabin is a great example of what you can hope to achieve with a tiny house design. By using environmentally friendly power sources and systems you can keep your hydro costs down, a wood stove is great for heating the tiny space on cold days, and the use of reclaimed and sustainable materials lessens the carbon footprint on the environment. This tiny house costs less to maintain, then a larger house would, especially one that is hooked up to the main power grid. Have you ever stayed in a tiny cabin, if so where was it located.

The location is an important factor when it comes to tiny house living. For this particular tiny house, the location was really important because the family was going to be using it for vacations and holidays. Typically when someone goes away they want to relax and enjoy outdoor activities with the family, so a tiny cabin or tiny house that is surrounded by nature allows people to do that. Of course it is different for everyone, but most often if you are going to build a tiny house vacation home you want it located in a visually appealing area.

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