Entryway Porch On A Golden Eagle Log Home

Entryway Porch On A Golden Eagle Log Home

Log homes and log cabins have been around for centuries, they have proven over the years to be a durable, energy efficient, cost effective and comfortable type of home. When considering a log home build, there are many extra things you can do to make your home special, this "Entryway Porch On A Golden Eagle Log Home," is just one of the extras that work great on a log cabin home.

Entryway porches on a log home can protect you from the elements, but can also protect the stain on the log home. Areas that are underneath porches, typically never have to be re stained again. There are many different designs to use with the entryway with peeled logs flanking the entry door, field stone for a maintenance free entry way, and half logs for appeal. An entryway is a great place to seek cover when entering the home, and protect you from the elements while you try and unlock the door. Entryways are also visually appealing, and add character to your log home.

Golden Eagle Log Homes is a family run business that started in 1966 as a building center in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The owners, Wally and Marlace Parameter gained their knowledge from building conventional framed homes and had an in depth understanding of the building products industry. The couple went on to pursue the dream of building their own log home, to raise their family. The family individually selected trees from their own property and carefully cut and dried the logs to their preference. They began their log home construction which too about a year to complete, when people saw the quality craftsmanship and beauty of their log home, the Parameters started a side business, providing custom log home package to their clients, the rest is history.

Did you know that porches not only protect you from the elements, but they also protect the stain? Typically, you will never have to re-stain underneath porches.

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