Elk Log Houses

Elk Log Houses

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to log houses. Like the Elk Log House featured here from Elk Log Houses in Germany. Of course, log houses look beautiful on the outside, there's no mistaking that, but they are also some of the most sustainable homes in the world. Made from an all natural, renewable material like wood, makes these homes quite an eco friendly option. The trees that are used in log house construction come from what are known as tree plantations. These tree plantations grow the finest trees in different varieties for their use as logs, lumber and other materials. The types of trees that are usually grown in these plantations are pine, fir, spruce and cedar. Usually, you'll find that lumber is a mix of spruce, pine or fir, and it may even have a stamp on it that says SPF which stands for spruce, pine or fir wood. Most lumber will also have a stamp of approval that it is fully sustainable wood coming from an approved source. It's highly illegal to cut down just any old tree from any forest these days, as there are conservation practices in place that protect forests.

This log house is built out of manufactured logs which are cut into a uniform shape and size to easily interlock with each other. This is actually what you will see in most log home kits like these Elk ones, and it's what makes the kits so easy to assemble. You can see in the photo of the house how all of the pieces interlock perfectly together, creating a seamless look, while creating a great seal in the walls of the home which makes it very efficient. Many log houses now get environmentally rated on how eco friendly they are and how much of a carbon foot print they have. It's shown that log houses are able to retain the heat inside them which cuts down on heating output, and in turn, makes it run more efficiently. Other aspects of a log home that are appealing to people is the fact that they are very healthy to live in. Studies have been done that show how human beings respond to living in a house made all out of logs. Typically, people will notice lowered stress and anxiety when they live in a home made out of natural materials as opposed to living in a house that is made up of man made materials that have chemicals in them. Logs hold the healing properties of living trees which have been known to reduce blood pressure and relieve stress. So just like being in the forest relaxes and relieves us, living in a log house will have the same or similar effects.

The air quality in a real log house like this one will also be great, which is good news for people who suffer from allergies. Logs have the ability to purify the air inside the house, filtering out any allergens and contaminates. Breathing healthy air is one of the many things that we need to do to maintain health and wellness, and many homes have toxic air. Enjoy looking at the photos of this model from Elk log homes company, where you can see the exterior and the interior of the home in a slideshow on their website. The website is in German, so if you would like to translate it, just open the webpage in Google Chrome and it will open an option to translate into English or any other language. Both the interior and exterior views of this log house are incredible, so don't miss out on this one.***

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