Efficient & Affordable Wood House Made From Shipping Pallets!

Efficient & Affordable Wood House Made From Shipping Pallets!

Housing projects don't always have to be expensive these days with the many ideas that are out there for you to check out. It is possible to find some ways to save on materials when you build your home. Take time to do the research and see all the possible options that are available in your area. Be patient with this process as it could take a while to find the perfect fit for you. Once you find the house that you think could be right for your lifestyle and your current need, then you are part of the way towards making your dream come true!

That said, today is your lucky day because you are just about to find out another amazing way to build a house without having to shed a lot of cash. If you are on a tight budget, but you really want to embark on this project; then feel free to read on, to gather some information about this.

The idea here is to build a house made from shipping pallets. According to our source here, these materials are affordable and efficient in building a house. This was actually done by a couple of students studying at the University of Vienna, which made them even won an award on Sustainable Architecture back in 20018s GAUDI European Student Competition.

This is so affordable as by using pallets and for their project the costs came in at about $11 per square foot! This pallet house can be replicated worldwide, is efficient and affordable. This type of housing gives hope to those out there who are willing to be resourceful and explore the option of pallet housing.

The 'Inhabitat' website below has some great photos of the finished project and for anyone interested worth have a closer look at.

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