Economical One Room Cottage

Economical One Room Cottage

Buy this economical one room cottage and finally enjoy your own home, apart from any neighbors living too close for comfort. Leave apartment living behind and buy this pretty little home instead. It is economically priced at only $9000. And small does not have to mean cramped, and any trade offs in size are more than made up for in the privacy and pride of ownership you will feel at having your own place and not sharing your personal space.

This action packed dwelling with 352 square feet of comfortable space has everything you could want including a kitchen, dining and living room, bedroom and full bathroom. Plenty of windows ensure that the home never seems dark or dreary, and the layout makes best use of the space available. You will be surprised at how much space you feel like you have. And the best thing? You will never have to listen to noisy apartment neighbors again, smell their funny food or suffer their music and TV habits. You can be master of your own palace.

This home can give you more freedom than you may ever have thought. It can get you out and away from landlords, sitting on your own front stoop and looking over your own bit of property. Ownership at its best. This one room cottage is convenient, right-sized, well laid out and designed, and ready for you to move in. Check out the website today in order to see photos and learn more about this property. There are plenty of other homes, too, both smaller and larger that you can look at, with full descriptions and plenty of photos to illustrate what you can have in a small home. Why not take a look? You may find just what you have been looking for. Your dream of home ownership is not far away.

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