Ebay Has some Great Log Houses for Sale... If You Know Where to Look

Ebay Has some Great Log Houses for Sale... If You Know Where to Look

Here’s another affordable log home kit from a one stop shop company that include plan and materials in bringing you your own log home.

With the company’s vision of giving quality pre-built panel and the building of dream homes to your specifications, you will be pleased with the results. Landmark Home and Land Company provides all the framing layouts for easy assembling. The framing uses the company’s system to help you to stick to your timelines on completing your dream log home kit.

The package specifications are as followed: kiln dried wood, panelized sizes 2”x6” for exterior walls, 2”x4” for interior walls, 2”x10” for floor joist, ¾” OSB floor sheating, roof rafter system with 5/8” osb roof sheating, cedar log posts and roof for porch, sill plate and sealer, sheathing glue for floor, tar paper and wall bracing for roof, pre-framed for window openings , interior and exterior door openings are custom made.

The company supplies raw panelized sidings without paint so that you get to be the designer and find a color that suits your tastes and surroundings. In this kit, the plans for permitting will be provided along with the foundation plan, For an additional fee, the company can provide an earthquake analysis design and a hurricane and snowload engineered plan.

The panelized walled home can be easily installed with the assistance of their helping staff. Using lifting equipment can also help you to speed up the completion of panelized home construction. With proper guidance from their staff, you will not be disappointed.

Installing a pre-fab panelized home nowadays is really very easy, simply because the company is there to provide you enough information from pre-designing of your own home kit to the installation process. There are several options for delivery that should be able suit your needs. The company has a shipment methods that allows you to deliver your product what ever time you wish to.

Decide now to buy this very affordable home kit and enjoy living in your dream home.