A house no matter how small it is can be a good investment and it is something you likely will not regret when you get old. If you are someone who is looking for something worth investing your money in, why not try a small cabin located on the west coast of Washington in San Juan Island. Here you will only have the best view of nature at its finest because you wont even have neighbors to block the view from you. This place will also protect you from the winter winds. We are talking about Eagle Point Cabin, which is currently available for sale.

This cabin was designed by Prentiss Architects complimenting the structure of the natural landscape in the area. From afar, it has the quaint yet appealing look of a simple homesteads nook. However, once you get inside and have checked out its interior, thats when you will know it was not built with only simplicity in mind. Measuring 688 square feet, this small cabin is full of high-end appliances and everything in the kitchen is custom-built including the cabinets. It has one bedroom and a 4-piece bath area. If you are wondering if you will ever see the grandiose view outside this cabin, the answer is yes because of the large windows surrounding it from the living room, the bedroom and even the bathroom.

What we love about this cabin is the fact that it supports a green kind of living. Its roof alone is free and this is what makes the inside of it well insulated. Its walls are also insulated and since it is exposed to the winter sun, you wont even have to use the heater or the wood stove that can be found in the living room.

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