Dumptruck & Clever Girls Tiny House

Dumptruck & Clever Girls Tiny House

Tiny House Living explores the idea of living in uber small spaces. Clever Girl's Tiny House is a meager 8 feet by 18 feet or about the same as the footprint of a full-size SUV. Complete with a kitchen, dining/living room, bathroom and also a loft space that accommodates a bedroom and storage area. The only source of heat is a wood burning stove which exudes charm and that nostalgic feeling.

How do you organize such a tiny home? You begin with keeping it simple, a simplistic minimalist approach is vital to your well being in a small space. Next key component is that you go up, using all the vertical space you can!

Where do Tiny Homes exist? Just about anywhere you'd like them to exist. Perhaps you find a piece of property where you'd like to escape to once in awhile. Drop a Tiny Home on there and voila you have the perfect weekend getaway!

Appliances are small scale and typically we don't see the addition of a full range. Rather you'd expect that a "beer fridge" and microwave would be present.

Beginning to research tiny home living can be interesting and rewarding because you're propelled into the realization that you can do so much with so little. In a time when major corporations have the population believing that we need stuff all around us, it's truly refreshing to delve into the minimalist lifestyle.

Such a change in lifestyle will bring challenges. For instance, how do you entertain guests in such a small space? Is there room to stretch out and relax? Ironically, you will grow into your new space and solutions will begin to happen in a rather organic manner. Using outdoor spaces becomes the norm, furniture that is functional and comfortable is the answer.

So dive in and live big in a tiny house and check out more at 'Tiny House Living' below.

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