Don't Spend Money on Interior Design before You See This Style Guide

Don't Spend Money on Interior Design before You See This Style Guide

When you choose to live in a log home, it's usually because you have a love for nature, and you want to be close to it. Here are some awesome, stylish Beautiful and spacious log home designs. (Interior view). When we talk about log homes, it is usually about their exteriors and what type of logs they are made out of, and the benefits of log home building over conventional frame and drywall building. But the interior of the home is just as important as the skeleton of the home, so this article will help you to get inspired about some rustic design!

Rustic design is usually suited to whatever region the home is located in. Rustic design on a beach front property will be much different that the interior style of a rustic mountain home. The rustic decor usually takes things from nature, and incorporates them into the style of the home's interior, having it be some what continuous with the outside world and nature. Usually we will bring in items like plants from nature, like some moss or some succulents, or maybe some coral reef if you are living in a beach environment. Also, things like antlers may be used, or furs from animals that were hopefully used for other purposed first, so that all of the parts of the animal are used and respected.

The colours are also borrowed form the natural setting that the home is in, for example, a woodsy mountain home might have natural tones of brown, grey, black, greens, blues, oranges, maybe some pinks or purples like wild flowers. The beach rustic setting is very white and light grey, with sea foam greens and light aqua blues. The dessert themes are more about the sunset, and sand colours, orange, yellow, blue, pink, terra cotta. Have a look through some of the photos here for inspiration and see what you think! Head over to 'Design Shuffle' by following the link in the section below for more!

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