Don't Book Your Holiday before Having a Look at This Fascinating Town of Log Cabins

Don't Book Your Holiday before Having a Look at This Fascinating Town of Log Cabins

Sometimes you stumble upon a small home, or log cabin vacation home that you just can't stop thinking about, a place with a story, style and history that inspires you. This "NEW HOUSE Cabin," in Dunton Hot Springs, is that place, but it's not just one log cabin or tiny house that inspires, but a whole town of log cabins, log houses, and tiny houses.

The town of Dunton, Colorado started off as a mining camp in 1885, prospered for several years and eventually became a ghost town, after being a ranch for a while the town was purchased by its current owners who renovated the entire town of log cabins, log houses and small cabins, taking seven years to renovate it, into the beautiful property that it is today. With original log cabins from the 1800's, this beautiful vacation property is like going back in time, not only are the places renovated perfectly, with not a detail missing, from quilts, to rugs and rustic appeal, but the location is intriguing as well.

The New House Cabin, is another original log cabin, located in the center of town. With two floors, there is a living space downstairs with a living room and king size master bedroom, upstairs in the log cabin is a double queen size lounging bed with television and DVD. The large porch offers amazing views of the mountain peaks. The log cabin sleeps up to four, the large sleeping area in the log cabin is in a loft, has a bathroom with shower, living room with wood burning fireplace. The price to stay in the New House log cabin is $1,200-1,600 per night based on double occupancy. The log cabins in this lovely town, each have a unique story and appeal, worth checking out the photos.

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