Does 'Prefab' Stand for preFABULOUS? (Click to View Floor Plan.)

Does 'Prefab' Stand for preFABULOUS? (Click to View Floor Plan.)

The Savannah II: Square Footage is a simple log home design that would work for full time living or for use as a vacation log home getaway. The 1,870 square foot log home has three bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms. The first floor of this log home has 1,208 square feet while the second floor has 662 square feet. On the first floor of the Savannah log home, there is an open kitchen and living room, a master bedroom with a bathroom, dining room and walk-in closet, and a back covered porch. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, one bathroom, open to the downstairs area.

To build the Blue Ridge Log Cabins the process and technology used is exceptionally rare. Every log cabin and log home that is built in a controlled, cutting-edge log home production facility. Before a log home leaves the production facility, the plumbing and wiring have been finished, and all ceiling fans, appliances, bathtubs, windows, and other features have been installed. Blue Ridge Log Cabins Uses an amazing, must-see-to-believe assembly line process, with three dream log homes, on average, completed each week, and that average is increasing as the log home company has experienced rapid growth. The production facility is capable of increasing their production five-fold with up to 15 homes each week. Many log home customers travel from all over the country just to experience the log home building process first hand, to interact with the log home builders during the log home build, and to view close up the amazing progress of their log home or log cabin vision coming to life.

The Blue Ridge Log Cabins family believes in providing customers with the a smooth and seamless log home experience, along with the highest quality log home possible. All of the wood used for each log home is stored indoors, with the moisture content of each log being constantly and consistently monitored. The individual logs are also marked for grade, placement, and moisture. Every log home includes high-quality doors and windows that provide an extremely tight seal and prevent the growth and accumulation of any mold. The in-house engineers design the log homes to withstand up to 130 miles per hour winds. Throughout the entire log home building process, Blue Ridge Quality Control Managers closely and thoroughly manage and oversee the log home construction and assembling process over each house before it leaves the facility, ensuring that every detail of your log home experience and dream home are what you had hoped.

Most of the log home, log chalet and log cabin kits you will find on the market don't include all the materials needed to complete the log home. Blue Ridge Log Cabins and log homes complete all of the interior walls, ceiling, floors, interior door and window trim. They also complete all the log home baseboards and wall moldings, panel box, and electrical wiring. Along with the outlet receptacles and covers, plumbing lines, water heater, kitchen appliances including refrigerator, range, microwave, and dishwasher. Your Blue Ridge Log Cabin kit also has all of the kitchen cabinets, countertops, sinks, tubs, bathroom vanities, towel bars, ceiling fans, interior and exterior light fixtures, hose bibs, interior doors, windows, shingles, exterior eave vents, and roof insulation. So you know what you are getting when you purchase your log home kit.

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