Does Germany Build Better Log Houses then North America? Have a Look and Decide For Yourself

Does Germany Build Better Log Houses then North America? Have a Look and Decide For Yourself

Do you think you know the most beautiful Blockhouse ever? Maybe you even own the most beautiful log house you know of. Well, get out a good camera, because Blockhausbauen is having a photo contest to give away a 150 Euro voucher for the best photo of a log house. You must send in a high resolution JPEG image into the Blockhausbauen website for a chance to win their draw, or you can tell a story of a pre-existing log house, or a log home building project you dream of doing. Blockhausbauen, is a European website that shares a ton of wonderful information on log houses, log home building and compares different types of log houses. Since there is so much to learn about log houses, a website like this one can be very valuable to anyone wanting to learn a bit, or a lot more about log houses. They also have a great list of log home building companies with information on each of them. The companies are mostly in Europe, and there are over one hundred of them to choose from and learn more about. Choosing a log home builder is one of the many steps of log house construction, so people should take their time, and so their research before choosing a company.

Blockhausbauen also features a catalogue where you can check out a variety of different log house deigns and see which ones suit your needs the best, and give people inspiration for log house construction projects. Featured on the website are small log houses and cabins, as well as garden houses. There are also moderately sized family homes, and very large log houses. So they show that there really is something for everyone out there when it comes to building a log house. Prospective log house owners can also learn about insulation requirements so they can meet the Energy Saving Ordinance while building their house. Usually, the houses must consist of a double or multiple wall structure. This really improves the insulation within the house by creating two log walls parallel to each other with insulation within them. Although, this process does tend to cost more than just building a single wall because of the intricate nature of the design of these walls. A well insulated home will have no problem keeping in the heat from a heat source like a fireplace or a gas powered heating device.

Most people who live in log houses opt for the traditional wood burning fireplaces. There's just something so beautiful about a crackling wood burning fire in a log house that makes people feel so warm and cozy. Wood burning fires can also be quite affordable to keep up with, depending on your source for wood. Many people get their wood for free, or some places allow citizens to go out into the back country and source fallen trees for fire wood. However, there are also high insurance costs to run a wood burning fire place too. Gas fire places are another option. One thing many people like about the gas heaters for log houses is that they are smaller, so they could be especially great for a small log house or cabin. They also don't have emissions like the wood burning fire places do and natural gas is an environmentally friendly fossil fuel. There are many companies who create nice designs for their gas fire places to make them look like wood burning fireplaces with the nice, natural flame and all. Enjoy having a look around the Blockhausbauen website to find out more about the wonderful world of log home building.***

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