DIY Tree Stump Side Tables

DIY Tree Stump Side Tables

A side table is an endlessly useful piece of furniture. I have always found that no matter how many tables and surfaces I have in my house I always seem to need more places to put things. An attractive side table on either side of a couch provides a place for books, magazines or a cup of steaming hot tea while you are relaxing at home.

If you enjoy woodworking and other do it yourself home projects, you can create a pair of attractive side tables for your home with very minimal cost.

The stumps of trees are often discarded because the wood is difficult to cut through due to the uneven grain. If you are fortunate enough to come across a couple of discarded stumps that you can reclaim then you already have the most important element for this project. Alternatively, if you have a property with tree stumps that need to be removed, you can save your stumps and put them to good use.

Natural wood is a beautiful addition to any home and can be used in infinitely many ways. Tree stumps offer a particularly attractive surface with their swirling patterns in the grain of the wood. This DIY article at Bye Bye, Brooklyn walks you step by step through your project to create two gorgeous wood stump end tables for your living room. They will show you how to get your table surface level and even. By sanding your table surface smooth and applying a stain you can accentuate the patterns of the grain. It is important to make sure your tree stumps are fully dry before you begin, so you may need some patience before you get started. But if you invest the time and energy in this unique project I am sure you will be thrilled with the results.

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