DIY Lazy Susan Pantry

DIY Lazy Susan Pantry

Do you have a mess of a pantry like everyone else? Well thanks to Decor Chick and this DIY Lazy Susan Pantry, you will be able to have a super organized pantry that will allow you to find all of your food and ingredients in no time! Having a messy pantry can waste time and energy looking through all of your stuff to see where you have placed a package. Sometimes you don't even know if you have run out of something if your cupboards are a mess. The host of Decor Chick had her dad help her out with some of the pantry renovations and he did such an awesome job! You will totally have to see the post, and go through all of the photos of this great pantry make over project.

He even put up some wall paper, which makes it look even more chic in the otherwise, pretty boring storage space. She had a lot of shelf space, but there was just too much stuff, and it wasn't organized before. You will see in the photos how it looked before, and its pretty much what everyone's pantry tends to look like. Her dad had the amazing idea of making the lazy susans in the corners, to save space in storing all of the canned goods. With his ingenious design, you can totally now see all of the cans that are on the lazy susan without having to lift a finger, well besides to turn it. He basically made several turntables for all of the stuff to sit on. What a great idea!

You will be wanting some of your own when you see the photos and how well it all turned out! Head over to Decor Chick by following the link in the description below for more!

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