DIY How To Make Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hooks

DIY How To Make Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hooks

Wow, these do-it-yourself concrete lightbulb wall hooks are amazing! Not only are they beautiful works of art in their own right, going for that industrial design look, they are also pretty much indestructible coat hooks that can support almost any weight. They are also very fun to build, with steps ranging from disassembling and hollowing out the lightbulb itself to filling it in with a concrete mix to finally freeing that dried concrete from its glassy shell to get the finished product. The real joy in this project is taking a cheap everyday object and making it into a unique and practical work of art that will last forever and that you can show off to your family and friends. In fact, you could even recycle old lightbulbs that no longer work and make this a sustainable project as well.

As a kid, I always loved building art projects, and my favorites were always the ones that had practical uses. For example, my favourite woodworking project when I was a kid was building a birdhouse, and seeing the birds fly in and out was its own reward. I also loved pottery because I could create pots, mugs and dishes out of clay that to this day I have the satisfaction of knowing I made myself when I use them. This concrete lightbulb hooks project really appeals to me because when you complete it you basically have a new family heirloom that will last forever and that you can pass on to future generations. At the same time, it looks and feels amazing, like polished rock, and it gets the job done of hanging up anything you need to without ever breaking.

Now it is time for you to learn more about this incredible DIY project! Please click the link below to the Instructables website now for step by step instructions on building your very own awesome concrete lightbulb wall hooks and more.

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