DIY How to Make A Solar Bluetooth Speaker

DIY How to Make A Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Yes, we are talking Solar here! If you are off the grid and a music lover you will love this DIY. We are going to find out how to make a solar Bluetooth speaker.

This little device is made from old gadgets that are 'mashed' together that'll allow you to participate in some good foot stomping as you enjoy your music. This device has a mic and command buttons.

This little device is equipped with the following recycled materials. Two 5w neodymium drivers, a handsfree mic, three command buttons, a 2.5" passive radiator and a 2250mAh lithium batteries. There are no screws or openings so you will want to be sure all the parts are functioning before you seal it. This little unit will fit right onto the handlebars of your bicycle, so that's pretty handy if you are on long rides and wanting tunes.

There are a few steps involved. They disassembled some old USB powered desktop speakers to retrieve the three passive radiators. The plastic enclosure for the unit was from an old organizer tray. Superglue was the powerhouse glue to seal the rubber of the plastic enclose.

You will need to pay close attention to the wiring diagram they provide as that is the important part to get right in this project. They advise you not to solder too much negative wires and to take advantage of the common ground.

You are going to need to disassemble your A USB Powerbank. They were fortunate in that their power bank was already broken, so they just were able to open it and lucky for them, reheating the pads brought it back to life. As we continue through this DIY, you will later get to see the diagrams and photos that you will need to follow for success. A hot glue gun will also be needed along with a switch.

Go now to the 'Instructables' website below to get a clearer image on how to make this very cool bluetooth speaker.

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