Distinctive Outdoor Rooms & Spaces

Distinctive Outdoor Rooms & Spaces

Life is ever changing and always as adventure. These days smaller spaces are becoming the norm and for some that leaves a gap in the floorplan of the family home. Distinctive Outdoor Rooms and Spaces call to satisfy the need for another room. Sometimes that may be a home office, play room, craft room or just a quiet space to maintain sanity during a busy week. Whatever your reason, there are outdoor spaces and design concepts that will wow you and leave you wondering why you never thought of that before.

Many companies and design firms have become involved in this trend, moving to add custom inspired outdoor living spaces to their portfolio. Timberscape embraces creative designs and works hard to ensure your space is unique and amazing. Outdoor spaces can be inspired by travel or simply born from necessity, regardless there is something suitable and perfectly implemented to meet your design tastes and needs. Timberscape is an innovative company steeped in tradition while allowing the pull of modern changes to happen organically in their designs. They understand and embrace the uniqueness of each project and are known to design and build structures that speak of quality with a creative flare.

Not only will the perfect outdoor space add sanity to your life by way of extra and sometimes much needed square footage, but the outdoor space itself will be improved.

It all starts with an idea, perhaps you enjoy hosting garden parties and the addition of a bar would add charm and functionality to your next gathering. Maybe you work from home and require a quite and inspiring space to be productive, why not a home office nestled in the garden? Possibly the most popular request is the family that has teenagers at home, we all love our teenagers to be home but we don't necessarily love being crammed in the same room with them and their friends. The time for a hang out shack is here!

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