Design 4 Log Home

Design 4 Log Home

Log homes and cabins are wonderful structures to live in or have for recreational purposes. This website has a few great Designs for Log Homes. Log homes are made out of one of the more sustainable building materials. You can feel proud to live in a structure built with logs, since they come from sustainable log farms, where logs are used as they are needed and replanted accordingly. This makes them a great choice when it comes to building materials. Logs are also very efficient building materials because they hold within them their own built in insulation, and water protection. They have a high thermal mass, so they can keep the heat inside, which is very important for colder weather. They will last for years too, when maintained and looked after consistently.

These log homes from The Little Log House Company are spectacular and have very unique and special designs. You can tell that a lot of imagination and creative energy went into creating these beautiful homes. They truly look like they are from a fairy tale book or something! I love the way that the peaks are rounded on the home, it makes the home look so magical, like a little cottage from a cartoon or a book illustration!

The roofs look like they are made out of something else besides the normal roofing shingles conventional houses use. Which is a nice change to see, one of them looks like the roof is made out of tightly woven straw or something, like the house on Alice in Wonderland that she grows too big for! The amazing balcony on the 5th house has a spectacular wood design on the railing of the balcony, with the flower of life and filigree carved in very meticulously. Just gorgeous! If you want to be seriously inspired than head over to 'The Little Log House Company' to see all of the gorgeous homes, by clicking on the link in the description below for more!

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