Denise's Tiny House is a Very Special Tiny House

Denise's Tiny House is a Very Special Tiny House

Tiny houses and small houses have never been as popular as they are today, with so many styles, designs and plans, each house is a unique reflection of both its owner and builder. "Denise's Tiny House," in Danville, Georgia is a great example of how someones personal style makes a tiny house feel like home.

This tiny house on wheels, has a lovely wooden exterior and peaked metal roof, the exterior craftsmanship is excellent. Inside you have an open living and kitchen area, with a bench with storage underneath (maximizing all available space in the place), with a four burner stove top and microwave for cooking. This tiny house has a sleeping loft and one bathroom. The knotty pine wooden walls complement the wooden exterior, and the darker wooden floors look gorgeous. The nice thing about having a tiny house on wheels is that you can move your tiny house to any location, you might decide to stay in one spot for a while and move on, or perhaps you would buy a piece of property and move there permanently.

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