Deluxe Log Cabin

Deluxe Log Cabin

Have you been bitten by the log cabin bug? Thinking of building but donít know where to start? Then you might want to consider this beautiful Deluxe Log Cabin design by Twin Pines Log Cabins. As they note on their website, this is not a kit, so you donít have to worry about putting it together yourself; they will do it for you!

Yes itís true, should you decide to go with the Deluxe Log Cabin, Twin Pines will prepare the site for you as well as deliver the materials and provide all of the labour required to build your log cabin. And itís a beautiful log cabin, too! It comes with both a front and back deck on the bottom floor and mini front and back decks on the second floor, so your access to the outdoors is as simple as opening the door. With prices starting at $22,500, you simply canít go wrong.

Based in western New York State, Twin Pines is a family owned business, specializing in finely crafting living and recreational spaces that you can easily afford. They believe in quality products as well as quality service, and always strive to meet the needs of their clients.

Log cabins have been seeing a huge popularity boost over the past several years. As people yearn to be closer to nature and far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the demand for log cabins is growing by the day. Thatís why companies like Twin Pines really know what they are doing, tapping into this growing need and providing a wonderful service that allows us to build our dream as easily, and inexpensively, as possible.

To learn more about this lovely Deluxe Log Cabin and many more like it, please visit the Twin Pines Log Cabins website, below!

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