Decorating Small Spaces: Inspiration from Nine Tiny Houses

Decorating Small Spaces: Inspiration from Nine Tiny Houses

Addicted to tiny house daydreaming? Can’t get enough of tiny house designs and décor? Then you’ll love this article on decorating small spaces: inspiration from nine tiny houses. Complete with a lovely picture gallery, perhaps this post will give you some big ideas for a tiny home of your own.

The tiny house craze is catching on more and more all the time. If people don’t want to live in a tiny house full time, then they might opt for building one in the backyard and keep it as an afternoon getaway, art studio, or guest house. There are so many different kinds of micro home designs and possibilities, it seems the only challenge is finding the one that’s right for you. That’s when doing a lot of research comes in handy, and researching tiny houses, tiny house interior design, and the tiny house movement in general can be so enjoyable that it doesn’t seem like work. One of the key tiny house features to look for when you are searching for the right tiny home is multifunctionality, especially if you intend to live in your tiny home all year round. Multifunctionality gives several different functions to one particular aspect of the home, whether it’s furniture, walls, windows, or storage space. For example, a bench can serve as a seat as well as a box that will hold storage. Another example is a wall you can pull down to make more space in the home; or how about a shelf that folds into a piece of decorative art work when you aren’t using it? These are just a few ideas of what multifunctionality can look like. These days, tiny house designers are becoming masters of multifunctionality; they are proving there are so many different things you can do within a limited amount of space.

If we just take a few of the tiny homes listed in this article, we can easily illustrate the ingenuity and creativity that goes into tiny home design and décor. Let’s first look at the Protohaus, a tiny abode of just 125 square feet, but with its white walls and ample light, it seems to be so much bigger. Designed by architects with a keen appreciation for visual art, the Protohaus is so artistically done, walking inside seems like stepping into an elegant, minimalist painting. Built in the summer of 2009 as a timber frame tiny house, the Protohaus was made mainly from recycled elements and its primary focus was on functionality, sustainability, and appearance. Another beautiful example of tiny house originality is Malissa’s Perfect Retreat. Radically different from the Protohaus’ whitewashed décor, this sweet little retreat is far more rustic-looking – however, both tiny homes do share a similar floor plan. With its beautiful warm, cozy wooden walls, Malissa’s 170-square-foot sanctuary is more like living in a tiny cabin than a tiny house, yet it has everything you could ever possibly need, including a loft, workspace, and even a tiny shower. The kitchen has lots of handy shelving, as well, and there are lots of windows, both high and low, providing this tiny home with loads of daylight.

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