Cutest Little Log Cabin with MUST See Interior Feels MUCH Larger Inside

Cutest Little Log Cabin with MUST See Interior Feels MUCH Larger Inside

This practical and homely log cabin is something the entire family can enjoy. With its rustic, detailed corner construction and sturdy framework, its made to last for generations to come. It can fit well in both rural and suburban locations, and is more than just a home its a whole way of life. It also has a double-garage option, includes a spacious kitchen and dining room area, and a modernized rest room with both a shower and a tub. This idyllic blockhouse comes with ample windows to let in the light, allowing for all of its unique log home qualities to be highlighted.

Blockhouses are the latest trend in log cabin construction, but theyve been around since time immemorial. The term comes from blochaus in German, which basically means a structure that prevents unwanted entry. The original blockhouses were small fortifications built to protect an area by means of gunfire thats why youll often see photos of old blockhouses with small windows on all four sides, so gunmen could shoot from them virtually unseen. Blockhouses werent used to live in for long term situations, but served more as a base camp for soldiers or pioneers. The first blockhouse on record is the Cow Tower, built in 1398 in Norwich, England. Blockhouses became extremely popular during the American frontier days, when European immigrants needed to protect themselves from feuding factions and native attacks. Blockhouses were essentially one-room buildings used for both shelter and defense, but they were also used as outbuildings for more expansive forts. They could be very versatile when required, and they could be made from any building materials that were currently available.

Although they have a rich military and frontier history, modern-day blockhouses are built for very different reasons. They are well-constructed, rock-solid structures that protect against wind, snow, rain, dampness, heat, and other forms of weather damage. They keep their inhabitants warm in the winter months and cool in the summer, and theyre an all-natural, healthy alternative to living in modern homes built from synthetic materials. Unlike their stark predecessors, todays blockhouses are built for maximum comfort, beauty, and can suit all of your familys requirements. They contain bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, lofts, great rooms, kitchens, dining areas, and utility rooms, and they can provide your children with a wholesome lifestyle to grow up in. Aside from making the perfect home, blockhouses can also be used as hunting camps, cottages, garages, garden sheds, workshops, forest getaways, guest rentals, playhouses, restaurants, storerooms, retail shops, study nooks, or whatever your imagination comes up with. They can be relatively simple structures that can be made within a relatively short period of time, or they can be more elaborate, depending on your needs. With blockhouses, you can indulge all of your dreams of owning a log cabin in one fell swoop.

This beautiful blockhouse design comes from Alaska Blockhouse GmbH, based in Switzerland. Inspired by all of the breathtaking log cabins they encountered while travelling through Canada and the United States, the founders of Alaska Blockhouse came together to create a company that could provide similar homes to the European marketplace. With an eye on affordability, they have been helping people realize their log cabin dreams since their inception way back in 1996. They also specialize in eco straw houses, which are built with all-natural building materials such as clay, grass, hay, wood, and straw. These naturally-insulated homes are built with the environment in mind, using traditional ingredients and methods. To learn more about Alaska Blockhouse and all of the services they provide, youll want to drop by their site sometime for a quick visit.*

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