Crowded House: 5 Silly Small Homes & Cheap Tiny Houses

Crowded House: 5 Silly Small Homes & Cheap Tiny Houses

People are changing the way that they are living, now it's more about living a life of simplicity over a life of materialism. Check out this great post from Crowded House: 5 Silly Small Homes & Cheap Tiny Houses. Smaller homes are becoming a big trend in the housing industry. The more the cost of living goes up, the more people are looking to downsize and simplify. The big house dream is becoming less of an achievable reality for most people who are already in debt from college or university and who just don't have the finances to afford a house in the suburbs.

There are so many cute houses in this post! It will help you to realize how many different options there are when it comes to owning a tiny home. You don't even have to go super tiny unless you want to. Tumbleweed Homes as mentioned in the post, has prefabricated homes that are up to 700 square feet. Which is really the size of an apartment, so it is totally livable. The less space you have, the less furniture you need to fill it up, so you save money there too. You can even assemble most of the homes shown in the post yourself with help from your spouse or friends, which cuts down on labor costs too.

The adobe or cobb houses built out of earth, clay, straw and other easily found materials, would cost very little because you can just use the materials around you! Some of the houses may look kind of silly to outsiders, but they are really brilliant actually, because the owners most likely own their house, and aren't stuck with a huge debt, and they live happily spending their time doing what their hearts desire! Get some serious inspiration from this article! Head over to 'Web Urbanist' by following the link in the description below for more on small homes and the different ways to build them!

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