Creative Cooking! Egg Stuffed Baked Potato

Creative Cooking! Egg Stuffed Baked Potato

Potatoes first started around 8000 to 5000 BC by the Inca Indians in Peru. Potatoes are the fourth worlds largest food crop after rice, maize and wheat. When Peru was occupied by the Spanish in 1536 by a man name Conquistadors, he found the potatoes and brought them to Europe. It took over four decades to spread the potato across the entire Europe.

Thus, the baked potatoes then started when Titus and his associates discovered the crop and they tried to bake it in an oven. After they found that it tasted great, they soon buy potatoes in a huge amount of quantity and then in 1909, the North Coast Limited was served baked potatoes as their dinner. Baked potatoes spread immediately.Then and now it has been one of the primary dishes that people love to have on their table.

This baked potato is the perfect meal for the whole group. You do need to work with potatoes that are already baked so you may want to bake them ahead of time. Now let us prepare this potato.

Step 1: Slice the top right of the potatoes and then remove the inside by gently scooping it out. Make sure to leave some layer of the potatoes so that it will not be too thin.

Step 2: This step is optional but is great to enhance the taste. Put some melted butter inside the potatoes and brush it all over the surface inside, put enough salt and pepper as well.

Step 3: Put your preferred fillings inside the potatoes such as cheese (cheddar is always the best choice), diced ham, sauted mushrooms, bell pepper, and onions it all depends on your taste. Next, crack an egg and put it inside the potato. Finally, you can put pepper or few more toppings above the egg.

Step 4: Now you can bake the potatoes for around 15-20 minutes at 350F. Depending on how soft you want the eggs to be cooked. Check its softness now and then in order to know that it is cooked.

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