Craftsman-Style Portage Bay Float House

Craftsman-Style Portage Bay Float House

Do you dream of waking to a waterfront view from your bedroom? This craftsman-style Portage Bay float house can make your dream come true! You will have water views from many of the windows in the home. Portage Bay is a floating home community located in Seattle. The homes cooperatively share a dock and parking space. You will have a deck overlooking the water and a very bright naturally lit home with the many windows this home contains. Although there is not much space between this home and the neighbors home, if you need a little privacy or find the sunlight too strong, there are blinds to help manage this.

No need to worry about feeling cramped in this tiny float home that is 960 square feet. It contains vaulted ceilings in the living room and has two floors. You will be warm on those chilly nights, despite being on the water as the living room has a fireplace to keep you cozy and comfortable. The home is complete with a master bedroom on the second floor which includes a full bathroom and a rooftop deck. Imagine sitting on your rooftop deck and enjoying the sunset! There is also a second bedroom on the first floor as well as another full bathroom with a shower.

Portage Bay is connected to Union bay by the Montlake Cut. Union Bay is a part of Lake Washington and Portage Bay can be thought of as the eastern arm of Lake Union. The University of Washington campus is north or Portage Bay and the University Bridge crosses over the bay. There are schools for all grades located in the community.

A float house is different from a houseboat. A houseboat is motorized and can move around the water on its own. A float house is a house built on a buoyant platform and needs to be towed by a boat in order to be moved. It is moored and stays in one place permanently (unless there is a desire to move it to another permanent location).

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