Cozy Design With Ingenious Storage For Small Apartment

Cozy Design With Ingenious Storage For Small Apartment

Living in a small confined space can seem like torture, especially for some women. It's not the small tight spaces we're worried about, its where we're going to keep all our clothes and shoes. During these times, being young and independent makes it hard to come by apartments offering large spaces while staying within the constrained budget for rent or lease. It becomes sort of an obligation to think of ingenious ways to have storage areas yet maintain the functionality of the space.

This article features a 500 sq. ft. Apartment in Manhattan. It showcases clever and artistic ways to utilize a small area and not have to sacrifice your storage space. This modern and contemporary design is an architectural brilliance. It may be too minimalistic for some people, but the space saving techniques it presents is simply inspired. When you look at it, the apartment doesn't even seem small. In my opinion, the staircase drawers are simply genius!

Living in small houses or spaces is becoming a growing trend, and it isn't a bad thing. Learning to live simply and with as little things as possible can be a positive change. But no matter how small the area, storage is a necessity. Keeping things stored minimizes clutter thus enhancing the illusion of bigger spaces. Not having too many things on display or on top of counters and tables creates the impression of wider areas and bigger spaces. So it is necessary to de-clutter. Aside from downsizing, storing items you cannot just simply throw away is crucial.

When you are confined to a tiny space, you have to learn to think outside the box. You have to learn to utilize every inch of your apartment or home and convert whatever available space you can into storage. Once your mind starts getting enthused by the idea of space-saving, the creativity and functionality to each space will become a happy challenge for you.

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