Couple Build DIY Reclaimed Off Grid Tiny Cabin for $7k

Couple Build DIY Reclaimed Off Grid Tiny Cabin for $7k

Couple Build DIY Reclaimed Off Grid Tiny Cabin for $7k, and own a lovely little home without any debt. And while they did it, they learned a lot about doing it yourself (DIY) as well as how to repurpose and reclaim materials to re-use them in new and creative ways. This little home started out on a piece of land that the couple already owned. They had a foundation to begin their version of their dream home, and began with a twelve by twenty building construction. It did not include a bathroom, at first. Over time, though, and without accruing debt, this savvy couple continued to add on to the original construction. They eventually increased the square footage to a more comfortable eighteen by twenty foot spaceand added in both a front porch not to mention a much needed bathroom!

Their costs were astonishingly low when you see how much space they have created and what sorts of things they have managed to do to the property. They did not take on any debt to build this little home, and the finishings, which are often quite smart, were also often repurposed materials, found materials or other goods they simply came across of got for free. This house illustrates the kind of building construction that many people are beginning to look at more and more.

This is the tiny house movement. That movement has lots of people involved in it, and for plenty of compelling if different reasons. First, for some, a smaller home, especially if it is built on wheels, means a cheaper residence and one that can move with the weather (or any other motivation). For others, a tiny home means a more sustainable way to live, just because you are taking up less space and using less material to live. For even more, little houses means a sustainable way to live, and plenty of these little homes are loaded with high technology. It might be hard to know which came first, high technology that makes these homes great spaces to own and live in, or the desire for smaller spaces that demanded better technologies to build them. Either way, new tiny homes can be astonishing feats of design and technology. This little home is just one example of the kind of creativity and thought that so many people are putting in to their housing and living conditions.

Tiny homes are either portable or not; some have simple toilets whereas others have complete shower installations. Their sizes vary, too, and it is not clear where a tiny home may cross over in to just being a home. No one seems too worried about these kinds of details, though, and every one loves admiring those who manage to create these extremely functional, and often very beautiful, small spaces. Check out some of them today. A tiny home may be in your future tomorrow. Find out more about these homes and many others just like it at the website, Tiny House Talk.

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