Country Lifestyle At Its Best! This Log Home Is A Truly Magnificent Piece Of Architecture...

Country Lifestyle At Its Best! This Log Home Is A Truly Magnificent Piece Of Architecture...

A log home build like this, Log Home 30 is a great example of log home living at its best. The green metal roof fits perfectly into it's green forest and lawn surroundings. The covered front porch providing a great place for shade on sunny days and protection from the rain in storms. The steps leading up to the main floor of the log home design also can double as places to sit and just hang out to look at the stars or just simply relax. The large logs in this log home build not only look good, but offer good insulation from the cold, and keep the log home cooler during the warmer months. The upstairs dormer offers extra height upstairs, along with looking good. This is a beautiful log home build.

A log home like this would be the perfect place to spend with family and friends during summer vacations, and weekend getaways throughout the year. Depending on the location of the log cabin, it would also be a beautiful spot to spend snowy holidays in the winter months. There is something about a log home that connects us to nature and manages to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Did you know that by choosing a log home or log cabin build you are making a good environmental decision? Log homes and log cabins come from the renewable resource of wood, which is better in the long run, as a home choice that is better for the environment. Trees grown as a renewable resource are good for the planet. Building a home from logs uses the least amount of energy to manufacture and has the lowest environmental impact on air and water quality. Wood is also a natural product, so it doesn't have the toxic by-products are are often associated with other building materials when it comes to manufacturing. Log homes are versatile, recyclable and grow using energy from the sun. It is the only major building material that is renewable.

When it comes to building materials, it takes 5 times more the amount of energy to produce a ton of concrete and 24 times more energy to produce a ton of steel, compared to a ton of wood. Concrete production has almost two times more solid waste by-products than wood, and trees produce approximately 50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than concrete and approximately 23 percent less than what it takes to manufacture steel. More good news is that it takes about eight times less fossil fuels to produce a finished log product compared to any other type of building material. Concrete, aluminum and steel, and aluminum come from materials that are extracted from the land. Materials that can never be replaced. Vinyl and most plastics come from non-renewable petroleum products. Whereas wood comes out as a clean, ecologically responsible building material right from the start.

Using trees to build your log homes is a good choice for the planet. Using logs in log home and log cabin construction is a natural and easy way to help make a difference for the environment. Did you know that wood reduces the number of greenhouse gasses and also stores carbons in the environment? When you get trees from a healthy sustainable forest, you are using a readily available resource to help with climate change. On average, an acre of healthy forest can absorb almost 3 tons of carbon dioxide and releases approximately 2 tons of oxygen. When tree growth slows down as the tree ages, fewer carbons are absorbed.

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