Cooking Pizza on the Grill

Cooking Pizza on the Grill

Mention pizza to anyone and it conjures up memories of favorite recipes, toppings and restaurants. Growing up, pizza was a weekly dinner meal made either lovingly by my mother or ordered from a local place, I can still remember the fresh toppings my parents used to choose. Fast forward to today, with a family of my own pizza never disappoints. Of course with a family of four we all have our individual best loved picks. This featured recipe cooks pizza on the grill.

The nice thing about pizza is that it can be eaten at any time of year, spring, summer, winter or fall all you have to do is change up your seasonal ingredients or cooking methods and you can please everyone. With that said you probably don't want to have your oven on in the warmer months, this is when summer grilling proves both practical and delicious. It's only in the last couple of years I've discovered pizza grilling, and I've quickly learned what does and doesn't work.

Armed with little more then the right toppings, pizza dough and tools you can achieve amazing results. First off you'll want to properly prepare your grill by preheating to medium-high temperatures, along with brushing the grill with some oil, as you would do if you were grilling meat or vegetables. A simple rimless baking sheet can serve as both a pizza peel for sliding the pizza onto and off of the grill and to finish as a baking pan.

Once you've discovered and tried grilling pizza, you'll be sure to try again for both family and friends. Remember its similar to oven baking in that you'll want to watch your grill temperature and times to avoid overcooking your pizza dough. On the My Recipes site you will find a list of pizza on the grill recipes to try.

One of the pizza recipes a grilled pesto pizza with chicken, mozzarella and ricotta. Some of the ingredients you will need some extra virgin olive oil, crimini mushrooms, some chopped onions, shredded rotisserie chicken, chicken stock, and ricotta cheese. You will also need some salt, flour, prepared pizza dough, pesto and some mozzarella cheese.

To start preheat your grill to medium high heat, add the mushrooms, and saute for a few minutes, add the onions and saute some more. Then add the shredded chicken and chicken stock and cook. In a small bowl, combine the ricotta cheese with some salt and pepper. Then sprinkle some semolina flour over a baking pan, and place the pizza dough on the baking pan, and pat into a circle. Brush the grill grates with oil, and slide the pizza dough onto the grates. Then brush the top of the pizza dough with some oil, and grill for a couple of minutes or until grill marks appear on the pizza dough. Then reduce the heat of the grill to medium low, and flip the dough and spread evenly with pesto. Spread the chicken mixture over the pesto, and top evenly with mozzarella and tomato slices and the ricotta mixture. Grill the pizza covered with the grill lid until the cheese melts. Then remove the pizza from the grill, top with some basil and serve immediately.

On the My Recipes site you will find a wide variety of great recipes to try. You will find everything from drink recipes, chicken recipes, breakfast recipes, appetizer recipes, side dish recipes, main dish recipes and more. You will especially like the step by step recipe video tutorials on the site, a great way to learn how to make recipe with short step by step videos.

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