Computer Desk That’ll Catch Your Eye

Computer Desk That’ll Catch Your Eye

If you are tired of the same old generic type of furniture you see in every home or business place than here is one fancy Computer Desk that’ll catch your eye! This awesome desk was designed and made by Awadon who comes from Lodz, Poland and you can tell from the photos that he put a lot of time and thought into the design and craftsmanship of this unique project. This desk has everything, including a very original style. Awadon used strong and durable oak wood for the body of the desk and then affixed the specially carved lizards out of beach wood that is apparently easier to carve details into.

There is so much thought put into the design of this desk that you will see once you look at all tho photos of it's design. The purpose is to have limited stuff out on the surfaces so that this desk can be used for many things. The keyboard slides nicely into the desk itself so that you don't have to see it when the computer is not in use. The central processing unit is also hidden away in a secret looking drawer, that I bet you wouldn't even know was there if they didn't pull it out and take photos of the central processing unit inside it. There is also an iPod or iPhone docking station so that you can easily charge and sync up your other devices to your computer.

The sleek and natural design make it a great table to have in any home or office, and I am sure that he makes some without the cute little lizards on it if you are more a minimalist type.

This desk is totally worth the look! Head over to ‘ Damn Geeky‘ by following the link in the description below for more!

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