Collapsable Bowtop Gypsy Wagon

Collapsable Bowtop Gypsy Wagon

There are all sorts of tiny homes and small houses to be found all over the world, in a variety of styles, designs and plans for every budget and preference. This "Collapsable Bowtop Gypsy Wagon," was built, and now you can follow the step by step instructions to build your own.

This collapsable bowtop gypsy wagon, is reminiscent of the basque sheepherders, gypsy wagons and sheepherding homes of the past. The builder built his first gypsy wagon a couple of years ago and it has been used to live in on the road, in town and in the woods, the owner loving it for its design, simplicity, functionality and affordability. The floor plan measures 8 feet by 4 feet, for a 32 square feet in total, and because of its round design, measures 6 feet 6 inches wide where the bed runs. A benefit to living in a tubular structure is that if you stand in the middle you can stretch your arms out to the sides. Another benefit to this design, is that no corners stick out, you can pull this house down most any road your truck will fit down.

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