Cinnamon Cream Cheese Stuffed Churro Bites

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Stuffed Churro Bites

If you have never tried a churro, now is your chance. These Cinnamon Cream Cheese Stuffed Churro Bites are even a little bit more decadent because there is some cinnamon cream cheese in the middle, dipped in chocolate ganache. These look pretty good, even though I love the original churros from Mexico, and they are my all time favourite. All it really is is puff pastry, that you can actually buy ready made at the store, filled with cinnamon cream cheese so that it looks like a little pillow and then fry them up and roll them in cinnamon and sugar. Pretty simple right?

I had my first churro at Disney Land when I was 16 and I just loved them! They cost $5 each, but they were so good. I always loved cinnamon and sugar on toast as a treat, so this was totally like this except better! Fast forward to a few years ago when we were living in Mexico, and the towns we would stay in would have the churro trucks come out at night and serve up these tasty bites for less than $1 a bag! It really is just dough and cinnamon and sugar after all. We also have something similar in North America called elephant ears, which are basically just like dough flatbreads fried and sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar like the churros are. They are also a fair kind of treat.

Although the origin of these bites of goodness is unclear, but they were thought to come from the Spanish people who made them for their shepherds as a substitute for fancy pastries. They were really easy to make and the shepherds really liked them. Or the other thought is that they came through the Portuguese people when they returned from China. But since they weren't allowed to take back the traditional Chinese way of doing it, they made them with a star shaped mould. Sometimes you can get them drizzled in chocolate like this recipe has them paired with. Any way you serve them, they are delicious!

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Give them a try for yourself, especially if you haven't ever tried churros before! Kids will love them too!

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