Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

There are times when we crave comfort food, and this Chicken and Dumplings Casserole might just be the comfort food you are looking for to satisfy your cravings. It seems that as the weather gets colder, people tend to reach for more comfort foods. There's something so nourishing about having a comforting meal that brings us joy on all levels. It could be linked to nostalgia because perhaps our parents or grandparents made for us when we were kids, and it's connected with good memories. For many people, comfort food usually involves ingredients like cheese, meat, or cream, paired with something that has a lot of carbohydrates in it, like bread, pasta or in this case, yummy dumplings. Casserole recipes are also known to be a very comforting meal idea as well, which is why this meal is so great, it's the best of many recipes in one easy to make casserole. So instead of having just a plain, boring baked chicken breast, enjoy more casserole recipes like this one. This is a super hearty and comforting meal made with all natural ingredients. The best chicken recipes are made with organic, free-range chickens that are raised in happy environments, so be sure to get organic chicken for this recipe. You should be able to get some healthily raised chicken from your local grocery store or butcher, or perhaps from a local farmer in your area.

Chicken and dumplings is something that people in the United States and some parts of Canada most likely grew up with. This recipe was actually adapted from a French Canadian recipe from the Great Depression. Since the ingredients are all things that could be purchased fairly affordably during the Great Depression, casserole recipes like this were able to feed a lot of people a hearty meal that would help to sustain them. With the prices of food these days, it's always nice to have affordable options to feed a larger family a filling, nutritious meal. Instead of having to make the individual dumplings, a dumpling mixture is just poured over top of the chicken in creamy sauce. The dumpling topping will cook in the steam of the casserole. You can cover the pot to keep the chicken nice and tender inside. Instead of using a cream mixture made from scratch, this recipe uses creamed soup, which makes things so much easier. You could add in some vegetables like some mixed peas and carrots, or maybe some chopped celery and onions to give it some more nutrients. Or, you can serve up some vegetables on the side, or serve the casserole with a nice big green salad.

Try this recipe out the next time you need some serious comfort food. This may be one of the best chicken recipes for you to make on busy days and it might make a regular appearance on your dinner table. Kids will be sure to love the creaminess of the recipe, and you probably won't find any leftovers with this casserole. Thank you to Sara Lilian from 77 Easy Recipes for this recipe and all of the other awesome recipes she shares on her website. The great thing about her recipes is that they are truly easy, just like the name of her website entails. She has many other casserole recipes and baked chicken breast recipes that look absolutely delicious. Sara features a lot of classic recipes that you may have had growing up, so looking through her many recipes may have you reminiscing. She features a lot of great family style recipes that are great for making for big crowds.***

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