Cheesy Chicken Lasagna

Cheesy Chicken Lasagna

Are you ready for some epic cheesiness?! Get ready for this Cheesy Chicken Lasagna recipe brought to us by My Fridge Food. Ever have those nights where you just have no idea what to make for dinner? We all have those nights... You have worked or gone to school all day and you are tired and wish you just had a personal chef of your very own, to cook you dinner. You look in the refrigerator and nothing jumps out at you and no creative ideas come to mind. You have the dinner time blues... But it doesn't have to be this way at all with the amazing recipes from My Fridge Food! This awesome website takes the guesswork out of making a meal and gives your tons of great recipes just by simply telling them what you have available in your refrigerator and pantry.

You check off the boxes on their website, beside the items you do have in your kitchen, and creative recipes come up for you to make. Like this creamy chicken lasagna recipe! This lasagne recipe looks like it would be to die for. With all of the cheese on it and the thick lasagne noodles, with all of the chicken and vegetables. There are even artichoke hearts in this delicious recipe, plus some basil. If you love cheese, this cheesy recipe is also for you. There are three heaping helpings of different types of cheese in here. Mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, Philadelphia cream cheese and milk. So you can be sure that this lasagna recipe is very creamy and melting with cheesy goodness.

Lasagnas have been around since ancient times. The lasagne noodle was the first kind of noodle to be made in fact. It first came from Ancient Greece and the people would make dishes out of unleavened dough. The the name lasagne, came from the dish that the food was cooked in. The Romans then also took on the dish as their own, like they seemed to do with many Greek recipes. This time, they even used the Greek word, lasagne, meaning pot or chambered pot. We now have come to know and love Lasagne that is made by stacking layers of the noodles, cheese, meat, vegetables and herbs. As the centuries have gone on, many different variations of lasagne have developed, including seafood versions, and Mexican versions. A dessert version of lasagne has also been created recently, including chocolate layered with whipped cream and cookies. So yet again, ancient ways live on and people still continue to make and love this classic recipe in it's many different forms.

This cheesy chicken lasagna recipe is a great alternative for people who like lasagna but want to try it with a different kind of meat. With more of a creamy sauce and some different vegetables. This recipe even more amazing since it only requires 10 ingredients total. The less ingredients the better, because it means less prep work for you. All you have to do is basically chop up the chicken, and mix it with the creamy sauce, and then you just have to stack the artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, and cheese, noodles and creamy chicken layer on top of one another. You just simply keep layering until the ingredients are gone, usually three layers or so. You top it all off with cream cheese and mozzarella cheese and bake it up! You will be pleasantly satisfied with the result that comes out of the oven, and so will your family. This could be one of those recipes that you choose to make more than once!

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