Checklist, Are You Ready to Live in a Tiny Cabin?

Checklist, Are You Ready to Live in a Tiny Cabin?

Tiny houses, small houses, log cabins, cob cottages, and gingerbread houses are just a few of the many designs of small homes that have been gaining more and more popularity. "The cabins are adorable, but is country living for you?" is a good question to ask if downsizing to a small house is something your considering.

The writer of this blog on modern homesteading, who claims to give a no fluff look at rural living for newbies, is named Victoria, and she is a great resource for your small house and tiny house homesteading questions and inquiries. Victoria started dreaming about homesteading in the late 90's, when she came across an original homesteaders cabin in the woods and decided to restore it. So now after close to a decade of modern homesteading research, hands on gardening, small house and homesteading interviews, and lots of homesteading,small house reading, Victoria has plenty of knowledge.

The writer moved to a rural homestead with her son in 2008, near the ocean of a small town in coastal British Columbia, only a ferry ride away from the big city of Vancouver. The writer and her son live on over six acres. Again the question begs, as log cabins, small houses, tiny houses, gingerbread cottages, cob cottages, straw bale homes, log cabins, prefabs, accessory dwelling units, converted container homes, beach shacks, and small cottages are adorable, but can you live in the country? It's a difficult question to answer, if you like camping, and being in the country, you most likely will be fine, for those that think country living is not for them, quite often they are the ones that are most surprised. Moving from the city to the country is a transition, but with time, many find it is the best thing that ever happened to them!

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