Check This Out...Your Very Own Dream Log House!

Check This Out...Your Very Own Dream Log House!

Have you ever seen a cabin that is quite as gorgeous as this one? This beauty is found in the city of Zakopane, Poland. Zakopane is in the southern part of Poland and is a city that offers a variety of attractions including skiing, hiking, biking etc. The most magnificent mountain ranges near by are the Tatra peak. If you are a history buff, you will find many historical buildings and cultural landmarks.

Whether you are an avid skiier or not, you will find that this incredible villa (cabin) is the perfect place to find a magical getaway.

The villa is a rental that you find apartments, single rooms and double rooms.

A basic double room has the bathroom, shower, tv, and terrace. The rooms are tastefully decorated and there is a delicious restaurant nearby. The cost is about 500 dollars a night but the specatular set up in this absolutely gorgeous log cabin will make it worth every penny. Maybe you had never thought about vacationing in the south of Poland, or you had never even heard of a little place called Zakopane, but now you can add it to your list of 'places to visit'.

For more information about the area of Zakopane, the villa and so on, visit the website link below to 'Villa Miodula'.

Learn MORE at Villa Miodula

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