Check Out This Stunning, Human-Sized Dollhouse in Vietnam

Check Out This Stunning, Human-Sized Dollhouse in Vietnam

Finding inspiration for architecture buffs online is one healthy activity for the creative mind to function and get going. Once you find something that inspires you, it is kind of an automatic reaction that you dig deeper to the facts and details of the design that you just found. It is crucial to know everything about a certain house just in case you are looking for a pattern to follow. And if you are in the mood for something new that is a mixture of urban and rural of nature, The Nest is probably going to win your heart today.

Its a house in Vietnam owned by an architecture journalist and he wanted it nature themed. He ordered the designer to make it green. As per our optical calculation, the house doesnt look like something built with little money. It looks refined and expensive. But according to our sources, the budget was modest enough to build it.

It helped that the main buildings element is made of steel, which is easier to install as this made the whole process faster than using wood. It has two floors and you will love the metal-clad boxes that you will see as you go and explore its interior. Everything in this house is made of metal, as its foundation. You can be sure that this house wont fall apart anytime soon, with the kind of heavy-duty element that it is constructed of.

It is surrounded by plants and it was themed according to very particular specifications of the owner. From the patio to the second level, the area is eco-friendly. It has two bedrooms and 1 bathroom that you can find on the second floor. A21Atudio did a good job with this house.

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