Charming Log Home Near a 155-Acre Lake

Charming Log Home Near a 155-Acre Lake

Owning your own log homes is a perfect place to invest your money. A lot of people are now intrigued in owning log homes instead of conventional housing. It's better to have the right people to handle the building of this project, people with experience in this type of construction that can advise you best.

This DeSocio Residence will inspire you as you view elements of this house. From its spacious master bedroom to its dining area that has both a modern and vintage look; there is no way you wouldn't want to own something like this. Its interior is amazing, but wait till you see the view outside of this house because it's breathtaking.

We are talking about this log home near a 155-acre lake; do we need to say more when it comes to pointing out what a gorgeous sight it is that you will see when you wake up in the morning opening your windows looking at it? Thanks to the company Honest Abe Log Homes and Larry Bell of Volunteer Log Homes located in Henry, Tennessee, this house was built with interiors that will blow your mind. Its construction was made of 6 x 10-inch Eastern white pine logs, offering a sophisticated look.

The master bedroom has lots of huge windows, and this makes the view of the sunrise in the morning just perfect. And to top it all off, the bedroom has a Jacuzzi. The staircase inside connecting to the loft is a spiral one; this just made the design of the house even more classy and artistic. It is a house that is impossible for people not to talk about.

The Honest Abe Company custom built this house, using only the finest materials out there. You would love to eat in the stunning dining area. There is just so much about this home to love.

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